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About me

Hi! My name is Gianna Calandra and I am a recent graduate of The College of New Jersey with a degree in Communications specializing in interpersonal/organizational communication. This dual-sided track has informed my knowledge in handling one-on-one communication, while also providing an understanding about the different channels and forms communication may take within a larger network.

In my recent internship experience at The Levy Group, I was working for a dynamic team. Our mission was to stay relevant with the ever-changing motion and volatility of the fashion industry. This caused my position to encounter varied responsibilities daily including, venturing out in the field to assess our brand management in comparison to competitors, prepping design meetings, and outfitting mannequins, sometimes offering to stand in myself when designers artistic visions were impaired.

Working in that energetic environment required the high spirit, organization, and passion that I have exemplified through my academics and employment. If you have further questions on my resume or experiences I would love to speak to you!

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