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Company Description

Tipsy Tie Dye, a New Jersey based, family owned company that offers a fun and unique tie dye experience, has opened its first location on September 1 at 155 First Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, conveniently located minutes from the Hoboken PATH station.  Co-founders and siblings Katie and Kevin Tague mix science and fashion for an unforgettable activity that encourages guests to get hands-on as they create their very own, one-of-a-kind tie dye garments and accessories that they can #WearAndShare proudly!

At Tipsy Tie Dye, the mission is to foster a fun experience that celebrates creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity which customers will feel as soon as they enter the retail store. In the front half of the space guests will find a trendy shop filled with pure white dye-able clothing  and a curated selection of independent designers’ wares, gifts, barware, housewares, and of course, tie dyed garments. The white dyeable Tipsy Tie Dye merchandise spans styles beyond the typical t-shirt to workout wear, socks, headwear, and garments for dogs. Shoppers are encouraged to tie dye in the back of the shop; customers are also welcome to bring their own items which they can design and dye in the area. DIY dyeing takes place on innovative wash table using an array of colored dyes; all necessary supplies are provided. 

Tipsy Tie Dye accepts reservations for its event space, a perfect venue for family and corporate holiday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, children’s and adult birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveal parties, fall outings, girls’ night out, date night, and so much more. Guests are invited to BYOB (bring their own booze/beverage) and BYOV (bring their own vision) to create a memorable event and a gift or keepsake of their very own design. 

“We both spent many years in the corporate world, and one day we decided that wasn’t where we fit in,” said Katie Tague.  “It then became important for us to create a place that everyone felt welcome to be creative and celebrate,” Kevin Tague added. 

Co-founders Katie and Kevin Tague have been in the textile and fashion industries most of their careers. Katie is known for denim dyeing for some of the world’s largest fashion brands, and Kevin is an analytical chemist and professional garment dyer with a passion for mixology. 

“We recognize it’s been a challenging year for many and are grateful to have the opportunity to host a fun, nostalgic experience where everyone can decompress, socialize, and enjoy life,” Katie and Kevin Tague shared.

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