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Company Description

Girl on the Glow is an all female beauty service company & clothing boutique. As a team of 10 girls, our beauty services reach all of NJ & NYC with plans to launch a new location in New Orleans, LA in the next 6 months. We are looking for fun & reliable team members to join us on our journey of growth. The best part is, you can create your own schedule & be your own boss.


As we entered those golden years of weddings, showers, parties etc. The juggle of a full time job, commute, exercise, meal prepping and ya know the hope for a social life made a spray tan well, annoying. You have to make time for an appointment, ok easy enough. Then, race the commuters to get there. but the way home! That sticky ick ride or walk after deciding which old loose sweats were decent enough to be seen and praying for no precipitation or sweat was just too much added stress to be bronze for Becky’s big day. So on the long walk home dodging raindrops and streaks GIRL ON THE GLOW was born. Here for the girl who conquers it all. Your space is our studio.


Our mission is to create confidence from the outside in. That sounds a little backwards at first, but it’s because we know our clients are confident, driven and amazing! We simply want to help accentuate their glow! For the girl who does it all we wanted to bring her more. Clothing felt like a natural way to add to that. Our goal is to create a community to help others look and feel their best. 

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